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On-­chip Sort­ the microfluidic chip cell sorter


On-­chip Sort,­ the microfluidic chip cell sorter.
Damage­-, contamination-­, and maintenance­-free
Safe and high precision cell sorter with the world’s first microfluidic chip technology

Winner of Tokyo Venture technologies Award 2013

Our microfluidic chip­-based flow cytometer has the following advantages:

“Damage­-free” cell sorting

Cells are sorted by “flow shift” in microchannels, avoiding sheer stresses, pressure changes, impacts, and strong electric fields which might damage or alter the cells.

Simple, sterile cell sorting with no cross-contamination

Because our sterilized microfluidic chips are disposable, cross-contamination between samples never occurs. It is compact enough that it can fit inside a biosafety cabinet, with no generation of aerosols. This is an ideal solution for safe handling of biohazardous materials, where safety is paramount.

Sort cells in culture media

Run the sort with your preferred buffer: culture media, sea water and even oil.

on-chip-microfluidic-disposable-chipMicrofluidic chip for cell sorting

Sample volume as low as 20 μL

Small sample volumes (~20 μL) can be analyzed without almost no dead volume. On­-chip Sort is the most suitable instrument for the analysis and sorting of precious samples.

Maintenance-free and easy to use

Maintenance of On­-Chip Sort is easy. Fluids never gets in contact with the instrument, so no cleanup is required. On­-chip Sort is easy to operate and does not require hours of training.

micro1On-chip Sort in a bio safety cabinet(BSC)