Cell Sorter using microfluidic chip technology


The world’s first Flow Cytometer and Cell Sorter using microfluidic chips.

Unlike a conventional cell sorter or flow cytometer, all fluids are handled on a sterile and disposable microfluidic chip. Our unique sorting technique enables sorting in damage-free, contamination-free, and maintenance-free manner.

Key features are listed below.

Microfluidic technology

Disposable chip for sterile and contamination-free sorting

Principle of our novel cell sorting technique

Pulse generation by air-over-liquid pressurization within a chip

Realization of damage-free cell sorting

Damage­-free sorting of cells on a microfluidic chip

Optical technology

3 lasers, 2 scatters and 6 fluorescence detectors inside a compact instrument

Easy maintenance and high flexibility

Cell sorting in preferred media with low volume requirement