On-chip SPiS: Instrument Specifications

Product Name On-chip SPiS
Device Configuration Main unit, Control PC
Main Unit Size
W x D x H (mm)
620 x 380 x 450 mm
Dispensing Method Disposable pipette tip
Recognition Method CCD camera image recognition
Volume within a Tip 0.3μL
Sample Cells, cell clusters, particles, emulsions etc
Recognition Size 10~200 μm
Dispensing Accuracy >95%
Biosafety Can be placed inside a safety cabinet
Damage No damages to cells
Stirring Automatic suspension using disposable pipette tip
Reagent Water, culture medium, sea water, oil etc
Processing Speed 60min/96well
Dilution Method Automatic concentration judgement, and automatic dilution
Temperature Control Thermostatic plate as an add-on
Controls Note PC (Windows OS)