Product specification

Supporting a variety of fluorescent colors / High sensitivity

Selectable lasers

Up to three lasers from Blue (primary 488nm), Red (637nm), Violet (405nm) and Green (561nm) lasers can be installed for On-chip Sort. The system has sensitivity FITC<200 MESF although using a disposable chip as a flow cell. It has 6 fluorescence detectors and 2 scatters (forward and side). a variety of fluoresent laser

Number of lasers & detectors

Product name Catalogue No. Lasers No. of detectors
On-chip Sort HS 362S2001 Blue Red Violet 6
On-chip Sort HSG 362S2001G Blue Green Violet 6
On-chip Sort MS5 252S2001 Blue Red 5
On-chip Sort MS5G 252S2001G Blue Green 5
On-chip Sort MS6 262S2001 Blue Violet 6
On-chip Sort LS5 152S2001 Blue 5
On-chip Sort LS3 132S2001 Blue 3

Specification On-chip Sort

Laser Up to 3 Lasers from 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 637nm
Measurement parameter Forward scatter (FSC), Side scatter (SSC)、6 FL (up to 10 parameters)
Size sensitivity FSC < 0.5μm, SSC < 1.0 μm
Fluorescence sensibility < 200 MESF FITC
Data resolution 4 decades, 18 bit
Signal type Height, Width, Area
Detection wavelength FL1(445/20 nm)、FL2(543/22 nm)、FL3(591.5/43 nm)
FL4(607/36 nm)、FL5(676/37 nm)、FL6(732/68 nm)
Flow-cell chip Disposable micorfluidic chip
Material of chip COP
Channel dimensions 80 μm × 80 μm, 150 μm × 150 μm
Flow speed 500 mm/sec
Sheath buffer Aqueous solutions, oil etc
Volume of sample 20-100 μl
Volume of sheath 4-9 mL
Analysis and Sorting
Sorting method “Flow Shift” to generate pulse flow
Purity > 95% (depends on cell concentration)
Yield > 80%
Cell damage No
Cross-contamination No cross-contamination
Sterilized Yes
Pressure 0.3psi
Detection speed 4,000 events/sec
Sorting speed 100 target cells collected/sec
Shutdown 10 sec (cleaning of tubings are not necessary )
Generation of aerosol No
Size and Weight
Size (W×H×D) 620mm × 330mm × 390mm
Weight 45 kg
PC and Software
PC and Software Laptop PC
OS Windows, 64 bit
Data format Original, FCS3.0, csv
Power consumption < 240 VA