Basic Performance

On-chip Sort has usual functions, such as multicolor correspondence and a compensation function, etc. and the same analysis and sorting as the existing flow cytometry system are possible.

[The feature of equipment]
- You can use software freely for a user-friendly interface.
- The check of optic adjustments, droplet generation, etc. is unnecessary.
- Just after a power supply is switched ON, you can use system immediately, and it is only throwing away a used-chip and turning OFF a power switch after the end of an experiment.
You do not have to maintenance before or after instrumentation.  
You are able to freely use it in a short-lecture 、etc.

細胞周期(Cell Cycle)の解析と抗がん剤の評価

【概要】 培養細胞を用いて核染色を行い、DNA含有量に依存したS期、G2期、M期、G1期の細胞周期の検出と、スタウロスポリン(Staurosporine)、タキソール(Taxsol)などの抗がん剤の薬剤効果と細胞周期に...



【概要】ヒト末梢血の白血球分画(白血球、単球、リンパ球(B細胞、CD4+T細胞、 CD8+T細胞)を5色のマルチカラー(FITC、PE、PE/Cy5もしくはPerCP/Cy5.5、APC/Cy7)で染色後、マルチカラー解...