Contamination free

The technology of On-chip Biotechnologies enables contamination-free because all flow systems are on disposable chip.

Our flow cytometry system use disposable micro fluidic chip which is fixed all flow system on it. That is different from conventional flow cytometers / sorters. Liquid solution does not penetrate tubes in equipment because all fluidic lines, sheath tank and waste fluid tank of sample are on a disposable chip.

We can supply sterilized fluidic chips. This equipment is so small that you can install it on a bio safety cabinet. That enables you to operate it under an aseptic condition.
Moreover, we paid maximum attention to safety of operators because our system never generate aerosol.

We propose an innovative solution to researchers who could not use flow cytometers or who were limited to use them because of contamination to equipment.

Sorting of yeast and bacteria using “On-chip Sort”, and the simple judgment of “live and dead” of yeast and bacteria.

【Summary】    Although the cell sorter was an effective tool for isolation of not only eucaryocytes but yeast a...