Broad selection of sheath liquid

The technology of On-chip does not limit sheath liquids.

On-chip Flow and On-chip Sort make possible the analysis and sorting which used the culture medium for cell cultures, sea water, etc. and also oil as sheath liquid. On-chip Biotechnologies Inc. send a new research tool to the field which was not able to use a flow cytometer because of restrictions of sheath liquid.

For example, many marine microbes which does not survive except sea water, the artificial sea water of high salt concentration is suitable for sheath liquid. Moreover, the plant protoplast needs to add high-concentration of mannitol etc. to sheath liquid. On-chip Sort does not give a damage to cells, and also it becomes possible to carry out sorting in optimal culture medium, sea water, etc.

Sorting of Perkinsus with high salt concentration culture media

[Summary] Cloning of Perkinsus which is a kind of protozoa and lives on oysters was done with high salt conce...